A Year Ago Today

April 3rd is our wedding anniversary. We’ve been married 5 years now. Last year on this day, we were driving to see a movie, feeling especially free since our daughter was with my mom for the day. Josiah casually turned to me and mentioned opening a game store. I turned the idea over in my head for a minute before saying we should go for it.

So instead of going to the movie theater we went to a coffee shop, where we sat for hours brainstorming and researching. So began the story of ENDgame.

After 4 months of research, brainstorming and whittling down our ideas to simplify them, we were able to open our doors.

We’ve learned a lot in this last year, and it’s been a crazy ride. Being entrepreneurs is much harder than we’d imagined. The time commitment is the main difficulty, and trying to balance our family time with the store. We love the people we’ve met and the friends we’ve made on this journey so far. We’re not perfect business-owners, but we’re constantly learning and trying to improve. For that matter, we’re not perfect parents, nor perfect humans.

All we can do is ride this rollercoaster of life, and enjoy the thrill of it all.


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