If you have extra trading cards you don’t need, consider turning them into us. We accept trade-ins for store credit or cash. Read this guide for more information.

  • We buy trade-ins based on the Market Price on the card database website:
  • Most of our accepted trade-ins consist of Magic: the Gathering singles, worth $5 dollars or more. We do accept Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh TCG singles, but only those worth $10 or more.
  • When trading in singles, we will provide you with two compensation options: Cash or store credit. When trading in for cash, you will receive 25% of the trade-ins total value, and a valid ID must be presented. When trading in for store credit, you will receive 50% of the trade-ins total value, usable to purchase merchandise and pay for entry fees at ENDgame.
  • Damaged or worn cards may have their value discounted.
  • All trade-ins are accepted or refused at the discretion of our staff.