The Story Behind the END

Edna Norine Douglas was Josiah’s mother. She and his dad, David, adopted Josiah when he was only weeks old. He was raised for the most part as an only child. His family, and his life growing up, was wonderful. They were ever-enthusiastic about supporting anything he developed an interest in. Norine was a fantastic mother who was always willing to drop whatever she was doing to help Josiah, whenever the need arose.

It was because of that continuous support that Josiah was able to fully develop his hobbies throughout his early teenage years and well into college.

Norine loved nothing more than to get up early on a Saturday, bring Josiah to the Warhammer 40k tournament, then spend the day reading, doing lesson plans (she was a bilingual special-ed teacher), or shopping in Austin. Sundays were for Amtgard. Early on, she would drop Josiah off every Sunday, but when he was old enough to have a car, she’d instead drop by with gatorades just to hang out and watch for a while. She loved seeing Josiah happy.

When Josiah and I got together in the summer of 2004, she didn’t hesitate to welcome me to the family. She supported and encouraged me through the rest of my high school career and into college. When Josiah joined the Army, I road tripped with Norine and David to South Carolina to go to Josiah’s Basic Training Graduation. That was the first of many such road trips I took with them while Josiah was in the Army, and then when he went to college in Missouri.

Norine was like a second mother to me. I could always count on her sage council, whether it was a question about something at school, or about filling out a mortgage application. Anything I needed, she was always there.

She was the rock of the family. And she was so loved.

She was killed on her way to school by a drunk driver in October of 2012. It was about 6:15 in the morning. It was dark. And it was the foggiest I have ever seen it. The driver who killed her was going very fast, and had a high level of alcohol in his system. They were both killed almost instantly. Norine in her later years, had made it a point to take out as much life insurance as she could afford. She wanted nothing more than to know that her family would be taken care of when she was gone. It is because of her that we are able to start our company. I know she would be thrilled that Josiah is finally opening his game store.

E.N.D.- This is a tribute to you.

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