Our Team

Josiah Cook

ENDgame has been Josiah’s dream come true. As the store manager, he handles the day to day tasks and enjoys bringing the community together for his favorite pastime: games!

Aimee Cook

Aimee is the brains behind ENDgame, keeping everything behind the scenes in check. The same goes for the Cook household, as she cares for the two Cook children.


Sarah is a student, majoring in Fine Arts, who heads the store every Saturday. Her games of choice are casual Magic, Dungeons & Dragons, and the occasional Unstable Unicorns.


James heads the online storefront. He keeps Ebay, Facebook, Instagram, and this website up to date. He also creates print and signage for the store.


Dakota heads the store every Tuesday and Thursday. He’s more than happy to assist you in finding merchandise, learning games, and tutorials. He also operates our TCGplayer store.

And then there’s David…. He’s not on staff.