One Week after Opening

Wow, we’ve been open a week already! We’re immensely grateful for all the support and love we’ve been getting from the community, and we’re both really excited about the direction ENDgame is heading. People are learning about our existence by word of mouth already, and we’ve got a several regulars so far! We’ve gotten some great advice from local small business owners and from parents who know what their children want, and we’re acting upon several of the suggestions that we would never have thought of ourselves. We are glad you guys are willing give us advice to help us succeed.

Because of our daughter, I haven’t been able to spend as much time at the store as I had originally intended (toddlers are demanding of time and attention!). I am doing most of the behind-the-scenes things like ordering, paying the bills, going to pick up new inventory, etc because these are things I can involve Josalyn in, or do while I’m hanging out with her. I intend to write at least one blog post a week with updates, and I’m sure it will evolve organically just as the store itself will.

Meanwhile, Josiah has been at the store the entire time we’ve been open. His wealth of gaming knowledge and patience with teaching people how to play is really starting to shine. He is in his element up here. As I type, he’s playing a game of 40k with a customer who is just getting back into Warhammer 40k, and he’s doing a great job of teaching the rules and explaining how things work in the current edition. It was the same with our Beginners Magic night yesterday as well. He was able to teach several people how to play and build more effective decks. This store is perfect for him.

People say you should turn your hobby into your career, but how many people actually get the chance to do that? We are extremely fortunate to have this opportunity. We’re thrilled about the community that is starting to build around us, and are looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes us!

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