One month ago, on July 31, 2015, we opened our doors. It’s been a crazy ride already, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Fort this post, I’m going to go through and tell about the things that we and/or Josiah have learned.

Among lots of other things, we have learned how to work a cash register, and how to take credit card payments. We’ve learned how to keep up with the chores of keeping our space clean and inviting. We’ve learned how to work the air conditioning. It’s been interesting, since neither of us has ever worked in retail, so have never had to do these things.

Retail life is demanding, but can be really exciting. Josiah has been passionate about a lot of these games for most of his life, and I think you guys see and appreciate that. He says that it seems like the things he is most excited and passionate about are the things it is easiest to get others excited and passionate about. Which is really cool. He has been teaching a lot of people how to play Warhammer 40k. Pretty much every day he has someone up here at the store who is just getting into the game that he is able to help in one way or another. Some people want help learning the rules to play the game, and others want painting tips. Since he’s been playing for so long, he is able to help with both.

Along the same lines, you guys seem to like that he can and will take the time to sit down and help people learn their game of choice. We’ve gotten some feedback from customers that hasn’t been positive when it comes to this, unfortunately. It’s hard to get a bad review and not take it personally and let it get us down a bit. One we just got today said that all he does is play Warhammer with his friends, which is definitely not the truth. He hasn’t played a game of 40k for fun in well over a month, BUT he has walked lots of people through many games so they can learn to play the game. We realize that bad reviews are going to happen, and that we can’t take them to heart. Josiah is doing what he loves, is doing the best he can, and tries his hardest to give every customer the attention they need.  I only wish everyone could see that.

One more thing I have learned is that Josiah forgets to eat if I don’t bring him food! This is almost unfathomable for me. I love food, and my stomach reminds me quite often if I haven’t eaten recently! He just told me he just realized he hadn’t eaten in almost 9 hours. Forgetting to eat leads to poor food choices, so we’ll be working on that one for sure!

I hope you guys are enjoying this ride as much as we are! Thanks for everything, y’all.

Have a good week!


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