Nearly 2 months…

It’s been a little while since I’ve written. This wasn’t because I haven’t wanted to, it’s just been a really busy month for us. The store is keeping us busy as is the new normal, but the pace of our lives outside the store is also picking up. For those who don’t know, I am almost 17 weeks pregnant. So I’m now scheduled for prenatal appointments with the midwife clinic I’m using in Austin.

On top of this, our house is finally almost complete. It’s been a year since the planning phases of the home building process. It was delayed by all the rain in the spring, and more recently because of some contractors not showing up when they were supposed to. In the last two  months we have had to move from the house we were leasing into a short-term rental until our house is completed. This new house we’re in doesn’t have Internet, which makes it slightly more difficult to keep up with everything online I need to do for the store, including writing for this site! It’s okay though! As I said, the house is within about two weeks of being completely finished, so soon we’ll be able to move in and get settled completely!

As for the store, it’s great. We are growing and expanding both our inventory and our customer base. We are well ahead of the projections we did prior to opening, and we’re still enjoying it!

The last few days were filled with our first ever Magic the Gathering Prerelease weekend, which was awesome. We very nearly sold out of everything we had for the event (all but one starter pack!), so we were really pleased by the turn-out. Our customers had a good time, and some got great cards. I love the fact that parents of teenagers who are playing Magic feel comfortable enough to just hang out at the store and watch their kids have fun. We have several parents who are beginning to play and really get into Magic alongside their child, which is so cool!

I’ve mentioned before that the Warhammer 40k crowd is growing quickly, and it’s not showing signs of slowing! We are seeing older folks and kids both picking up the game and getting excited about it. Two weeks ago we held our first Warhammer 40k tournament. Most of the people playing in it had never played in a tournament before, and some only had a few games under their belt prior to it. Everyone was friendly and we’re in it for the fun of the game, and people had fun! We had some people come in during the tournament who liked what they saw, and decided to get into it themselves. It’s so cool to see it taking off, and having people around on a regular basis to discuss painting tips and tricks with. And for Josiah, having people around almost all the time who want to talk 40k is great, since it’s a topic I’ve never seen him tire of!

We opened the store with the intention of creating a place for Bastrop gamers to call home. We’re excited about the direction it’s heading, and love the people we’ve had the opportunity to get to know. Our little friendly game store community is growing, and we’re thankful to be a part of it.

Until next time, wish

us luck on this crazy life we’ve jumped into!




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