This week has been a tense one for all of us in the Bastrop and Smithville area. On Tuesday the 13th, fires began popping up all over the county. Most were put out relatively quickly. The largest, which was originally called the Luecke Fire (so named because of the property the fire started on), and was later dubbed the Hidden Pines Fire, is still going strong. Thankfully, today some progress seems to have been made. The latest news report I read said it has burned 4500+ acres and is now estimated to be 50% contained. This increase in the containment is little comfort for those whose houses are immediately in the path of the fire, or worse, if you are one of the 40+ families who have lost their homes thus far. Our hearts are heavy, as we know a few people whose homes are on that list of burned structures. We know of at least a couple of our customers who have been evacuated. A few we have not yet heard from, and not knowing where they live, we can’t help but worry that they may have been evacuated or worse. One in  is particularly worrisome for us, since he is missing tonight’s tournament- a first in the 2.5 months we’ve been open.

Our home is about 10 miles away from the fire, and across the Colorado River, so at this point we are not super concerned about it spreading to us. We have lots of friends who are much closer though, so I pray it’s stopped very soon. We are so grateful for the firefighters and volunteers who are working so hard to get this thing under control. With all the help that is being sent in from across the country, and the progress that was made today, I think it will happen quickly.

As for what’s going on at the store, we’re changing a few things around. For one, we will now be offering 50% store credit for Magic the Gathering trade-ins. We will also be selling our singles at 20% off their normal price on Mondays and Fridays. Tomorrow, Saturday the 17th, is our second Warhammer 40k tournament. In addition, on Tuesdays we will be giving 10% off on all board games.

We hope all of our friends and customers are safe and sound. It’s times like this that we remember to appreciate all we have and to hug our loved ones extra tight. I certainly am, and hope you do too.


Photo credit: Texas A&M Forest Service Facebook page-

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