Events & Calendar

October 2018

November 2018

Weekly Tournaments


MTG League @ 7:00pm
MTG Modern @ 7:00pm


Friday Night Magic (Brawl, Standard, Commander, Draft as Requested) @ 7:00pm


MTG Standard Showdown @ 3:00pm
MTG Organized Play @ 7:00pm

Special Events

October 2018

October 5: Guilds of Ravnica Release, Draft Weekend

November 2018

November 16-17: Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Mayhem Demos

November 20-22: Thanksgiving Holiday Break, ENDgame will be closed

Open gaming is available all day every day, as long as there are tables available! If there’s an event scheduled at the time you are wanting to come and play, we advise you call ahead and make sure there is space.

Note: Prizes are available for all Magic: the Gathering official play tournaments. Inquire with staff before each tournament, as they change with participation and format.