December at ENDgame!

Hey everyone!

December is here, and holiday mode is in full-swing for our little town. I love this time of year, personally. Everyone is a bit friendlier than usual, and people just seem to care more about their fellow man. I also enjoy all the lights and music!

We’ve a lot going on at the store, as normal. We’re changing a few things up, and have a few other possibilities in mind for the future. Today marked the beginning of a Warhammer 40k campaign that will last several weeks, minimum. ┬áSo far, we’ve got 8 participants, and have room for a couple more if anyone wants to join in still! The picture attached to this post is the map as of this morning, with each color representing a different player’s starting position. I’ll add a post with the storyline of the campaign if anyone wants to know the fluff and rules behind it!

The Magic and D&D crowd are still going strong up here. D&D keeps picking up new players who have never played before, which is cool.

We’re going to be closed for 4 days this month, so prepare yourselves, folks! We’ll be closed Thursday December 24 through Sunday the 27th. Just giving you a heads up in case you may not have seen the calendar yet!

I hope everyone has a great month, full of happiness!


Until il next time!


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