A Bit About These Aspiring Game Store Owners

Hello, and welcome to ENDgame! I will start by telling you a bit about Josiah and myself (Aimee). Then for those who are wondering, I’ll go into more detail about why we decided to open ENDgame Hobbies Inc.

Josiah and I met when we were 16 and 17, while working at Tom Wooten Cub Scout Camp in Bastrop, TX during the summer of 2004. We hit it off instantly, and quickly became inseparable. After graduating high school in 2005, Josiah went to basic training and AIT in the Army as a avionics mechanic. I graduated high school in 2006 and went straight into college pursuing a political science degree. I was also in the Army ROTC, as the plan was originally for both of us to become officers. But after three years in ROTC, I found that I couldn’t sign the paperwork to commit to the Army and would instead find something else to do with my life.

While in college, I began working at a debt collection company, which I am forever grateful for. I learned invaluable skills, and I forged friendships that have thus far, stood the test of time. After graduating college, I became a supervisor at that company. Josiah began working as a drive test engineer for a company who contracted to a major cell phone company in early 2011. He travelled a lot ensuring that the cell towers were working properly during and after updates and upgrades. We got married in April of 2011, and had to forgo our honeymoon because Josiah’s new job was quite demanding of his time.

Aimee and Josiah Wedding

In November of 2012, our daughter was born. She is the light of our lives. She is hilarious, ridiculously friendly, and smart as a whip. Oh, and she’s just starting to get into painting “her guys”.

Josalyn painting her guy

Though we have been through some ups and downs through the years, we are committed to each other, our family, and our futures together. We are a great team. We know each other’s flaws, and thankfully, our strengths counterbalance each other’s weaknesses.

As to why we want to open a game store- we love games! Card games, board games, role-playing games…we’re not picky, as our game-selection at home can tell you! Josiah especially has always been very good at learning and teaching new games, and at getting other people to fall in love with them! He is the reason I play many of the games that I do. This affinity for games of all sorts has been strengthened and enhanced by game stores. Game stores like the one we will be creating, form a community of like-minded individuals with a location to gather and play together whenever they can. We want our store to have a safe, friendly, inviting atmosphere where parents will be happy to send their children to play in our tournaments and events. Or just to hang out and play games! Gamers young and old will have a place at the game table. Currently, Bastrop County does not have a place like the one we are creating, and we are ready to fill that gap!

Though our physical location is yet to be locked in, ENDgame will soon be Bastrop County’s home for gamers. We can’t wait!

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