2016 will be a great one!

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! 2015 has been a year of huge changes for our family! The beginning of the year saw Josiah quitting his job, which he’d grown to hate. We didn’t know what the future held for our family.

Then one day, (our wedding anniversary, actually) he casually brought up the idea of finally pursuing his dream of opening a game store. I pondered it for about a minute, then said “yes. Let’s do it! Or at least start researching it….” And that’s precisely what we did. The 6 weeks or so following that conversation were filled with research, YouTube videos, figuring out how to write our business plan, etc.

Looking back, I realize that despite all the research and conversations we had with other store owners, I realize that we weren’t fully prepared yet and hadn’t realized just how much work and time business ownership entails! We’ve since hit our stride, and have figured out how to divide the work so neither of us feels too overwhelmed at any given time. Even if we had realized when we were still in the planning phase of ENDgame, we still would have gone for it. Carpe Diem, right?

2015 also saw the completion of the building of our house, which was very exciting! I don’t know that I’d want to go through that whole process again, but we love our house! Around the time the store was opening, our lease ended on the rental we’d been in since shortly after Josalyn was born. So, while waiting for our house to be finished, we ended up moving into a different house temporarily and living out of our suitcases for more than two months! I’m definitely glad that is over with.

Last but certainly not least, 2015 brought the news that we are expecting our second child! A baby boy due at the beginning of March. We are very excited about the newest addition to our family, and Josalyn is over the moon about the prospect of becoming a big sister! She gives my belly hugs and kisses and tells her brother she loves him. She covers me up and says its to keep the baby warm. I’m so excited to see her with her baby brother.

Obviously, because the baby will be coming soon, I will have to step back from the store even further and we will be hiring someone to help us out. So, if sometime in the near future you see a new (or not so new) face behind the counter, it’s because the time has finally come to add more help!

We’ve got a few other changes in store (ha!) for ENDgame in 2016. Some you’ll notice, some you most likely won’t. I’ll expand upon what will be happening in the next post within the next couple of days.


Once again, thanks for reading and thanks for supporting us. We couldn’t be here without all of the great customers and friends we’ve made! We’ll see you all in 2016! Much love, y’all.


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