ENDgame is Closed.

And we’re saddened to go. Thank you everyone for your continued friendship.

From Josiah Cook, Owner:

My friends and fellow gamers, ENDgame has closed its doors for the last time. Thank you for all of your support over the last 4 years, it has been an honor. I have loved it and made many life-long friends.

But don’t fret. There is a new owner who will be operating a game store in the same location.

Please show them the same friendship and dedication that you did us. I look forward to being across the table from you again. I believe that you will like some of the changes that they have planned!

If you have store credit that would you like to redeem please contact Josiah Cook at 512-934-7203

From James Chavez, Manager:

It deeply saddens me to have ENDgame close, as it does our many customers and friends. Having a local game store in Bastrop/ Cedar Creek has been a personal dream of mine since I was young.

I have been with ENDgame since 2015, and still remember vividly my first times in the store cracking open bundle after bundle of Oath of the Gatewatch. That sense of delight is rooted into ENDgame’s soul, and I will work with the newcoming store to ensure it continues.

Thank you everyone for your support. Bastrop has a truly unique community, and I have been privileged to be host for Bastrop’s Home for Gamers.