Welcome to Bastrop’s Home for Gamers!

We’re here for all your tabletop needs! From trading card games to figures and miniatures, ENDgame is happy to help you keep your inner gamer satisfied without having to leave our cozy small-town home of Bastrop. The big game in Bastrop is Magic: the Gathering, and we host tournaments multiple times a week. And yes, we sell singles! Besides that, we sell merchandise for many other great games like Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40k.

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MTG Core Set 2020

Modern Horizons

Upcoming Special Events

See our Events & Calendar page for regular events and tournaments.

Friday, July 5 – 7PM MTG Core Set 2020 Pre-Release Sealed Event, $25 Registered before day of, $30 on day of

Saturday July 6 – 3PM, 7PM MTG Core Set 2020 Pre-Release Sealed Event, $25 Registered before day of, $30 on day of (per event)

Sunday, July 7 – WHILE SUPPLIES LAST 4PM MTG Core Set 2020 Pre-Release Sealed Event Registered before day of, $30 on day of

Friday, July 12 – 7PM FNM MTG Core Set 2020 Release Day Draft, $12

Saturday, July 13 – 3PM, 7PM MTG Core Set 2020 Draft Weekend, $12 (per event)

Saturday, July 20 – 7PM Modern Format Tournament, MTG Core Set 2020 Booster Box goes to first place, $10-$12 depending on participation

Friday, July 26 – 7PM BYOB Friendly FNM, 21+ Year Old Only in Room B, No Hard Liquors

Saturday, July 27 – 7PM High Payout Modern Tournament MTG, $10


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A Game Store for Gamers, by Gamers!

The store itself is the brain-child and long-time dream of Josiah Cook, who has been gaming since before he can remember. His favorite games have always been Warhammer 40k and Magic, and he excels at teaching new players how to play. He runs most of the day-to-day activities of the store and is most often the “face behind the counter.”

Aimee, Josiah’s wife, manages the employees and the behind-the-scenes of the store while also balancing the needs of their two children. She plays many of the games, but especially enjoys painting 40k models.